Harvest Festival

10th October 2022

Harvest Festivals always help to remind us of the amazing generosity of our community.

Once again here at the Foodbank we have been bowled over by the donations received so far and it’s only just begun. Both churches and schools in the local area have created collections as part of their Harvest Celebrations for the Foodbank and despite being in one the worst living crisis of a decade have found the time and generosity of spirit to give and give and give.

In a time where people are skipping meals to be able to pay for other essentials and where people are on a daily basis having to make the choice between heating, travel and food it is with hope and thankfulness we see the kindness and love that is given through these donations.

The Foodbank cannot run without the generosity of others through food donations and the time given by our incredible volunteers. We are so grateful for every tin, every packet and every minute dedicated to helping others.

If you want to help the Foodbank this Harvest or at anytime you can do so in a number of ways; financial support, business support, time or with food. Click the below links to find out how.

Harvest Shopping List

Financial Support

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Thank you.

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