Complaints Policy


This document aims to help you understand the complaints procedure managed by Hertford and District Foodbank


All complaints should be sent to the Project Manager Hertford & District Foodbank, United Reform Church, Cowbridge, Hertford, SG14 1PG. Email:

[email protected] who has a supply of complaint forms.

The project manager will address the issue and respond in writing. If you are not satisfied with the response, then you will be invited to address your complaint to the whole committee who will listen to your concerns, consider the issues and whether the project managers actions were appropriate .The committee will then decide on any further actions

If you have a specific complaint about the project manager, you can email the chair of the committee directly on email: [email protected]        

As above the whole committee will then consider an appropriate course of action       

We will take every complaint seriously and in confidence and we will treat everyone who complains with respect and courtesy 



We will let you know that we have received your complaint within ten working days. We will write or telephone you. 

In most cases, you will receive a full written response to your complaint within twenty working days. If we cannot give a full reply within this time, we will write to you to let you know why and how we are dealing with your complaint 

If the complaint is complex, we aim to let you have a full reply within twenty-five working days 

Any health & safety or safeguarding concerns that would endanger a foodbank service user or foodbank staff would be dealt with immediately upon notification 



Chair of Hertford & District Foodbank Committee     

Date of next policy Review: July 2023